Release Notes for Connector 1.0

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The Connector brings wireless application protocol (WAP) functionality to the BusinessWare environment; it enables a BusinessWare server to send notifications to wireless devices, such as mobile phones, via a UP.Link Server (a WAP Gateway). The Connector is an additional component for BusinessWare that requires a separate license.

The Connector is comprised of a target flow, a connection model template, and the underlying .jar files that comprise these software components. The package also includes Linar J-Integra, a COM-Java bridging tool. A license for J-Integra is included in the package.

Target Audience

The Connector is intended for BusinessWare users who want to incorporate WAP-based notifications in their BusinessWare solutions.

Installing the Connector

The file PhoneDotCom_1.0_Setup.exe comprises the installation package for the Connector for Windows NT. Double-clicking on the file (or executing file from the Windows NT Run dialog or a command line) launches the InstallShield wizard, which guides the installation process. See Installing Connector on Windows NT for more information.

System requirements for this release are discussed in Required Software.

Required Software

The Connector requires:

You must obtain and install Openwave UP.SDK prior to installing the Connector. Linar Ltd's J-Integra COM-Java bridge is included with the package and is installed with the Connector.


The Connector 1.0 requires a separate license from Vitria; contact your Vitria representative to obtain the appropriate license.

Installed Files

The Connector installation file is available for Windows NT:


When the Connector is installed, the following files are added to the BusinessWare installation directory. The default BusinessWare directory is \program files\vitria\BW3x\ for Windows NT :

Filename Description
vtPhoneDotComConnectorEvents.idl IDL (interface definition language) file for the events.
JintegraLicense.class License from Linar that enables use of the J-Integra COM-Java bridge with the Connector.
ntvinv.dll Library that enables native mode support for software bridge.
setdllhost.exe Utility program to register the COM-Java bridge.
jintegra.jar Java archive (Linar J-Integra) that comprises a software bridge between Microsoft COM (component object model) used by library and the Java classes that comprise the connector
pdcupnotify.jar Java archive generated by J-Integra that maps to notification library (...\UPSDK\lib\UPNotify.dll).
PhoneDotComMessages.class Java class file containing all message text and labels for the connector.
StartClient.bat Batch file that launches the Java command-line utility (TestWindow.class and several linked .class files) for testing configuration.
TestWindow.class Main class for the Java command-line utility for testing the connector in conjunction with Openwave UP.Simulator.
wap_connector.html Connector information and usage guide
wap_connector_relnote.html Release Notes (this document)
wap_connector_install_nt.html Installing the Connector on Windows NT

Known Issues

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