The NonStop Software SDK program has been chartered with helping to "grow the market" for NonStop Software products. Part of the strategy to facilitate this market growth includes enabling developers to gain experience with NonStop Software products using a single, uni-processor-based Windows NT Workstation or Server. The strategy includes:

The NonStop Software SDK product is the mechanism that will support this strategy. The NonStop Software SDK product itself is essentially a re-packaging or bundling of NonStop Software products and third-party products, with lots of information about how to develop solutions for the enterprise market. The initial release of the NonStop Software SDK is expected to include two key products:

In addition to the actual NonStop Software products, the content of the NonStop Software SDK may itself be distributed as a CD, or via the Developers' Page, or both. The content of the NonStop Software SDK CD will be hosted and reviewed via this NonStop Software SDK Intraweb site.

The NonStop Software SDK Intraweb site provides information about the NonStop Software SDK program and products. In addition, the NonStop Software SDK Core Team uses this site to review planned NonStop Software SDK content, including posting preliminary draft documents for review by the Compaq Tandem group community. Here are all the major links that comprise this site, many repeated from above: