Listed below are links to samples of writing about networking, system and database administration, database development, and application development for technical audiences. Here’s a list of programming samples.

Developer Guides

VMware vSphere Web Services SDK

Complete rewrite and reorganization of the VMware Programming Guide, making noticeable improvement to a much-maligned SDK information set. Conceptualized and wrote the Developer’s Setup Guide, designed to help developers start working with Java or C# samples in the SDK in less than an hour. Improvements to the Programming Guide included adding UML diagrams and better integrating sample code.

VMware vSphere Storage Monitoring Service (SMS) API and SDK

Created documentation set, including all web pages, UML diagrams, samples documentation, and supplemental pages for an experimental SDK.

VI Perl Toolkit Release 1.0 Documentation

Complete design, implementation, and writing content for the first release of the VMware Infrastructure Perl Toolkit, from designing the pages to creating the CSS and HTML, to writing the content.

Vitria BusinessWare Connector Programming Guide

Securant Technologies ClearTrust Developer’s Guide

Tandem NonStop Software SDK

In the mid-1990s, Tandem partnered with Microsoft to develop server clusters on Windows NT and produce the NonStop Software SDK for developers aiming to create clustered applications on Microsoft clusters. The NonStop Software Solutions Design Guide was a core component of the NonStop Software SDK. (Tandem was acquired by Compaq during the course of this project, and Compaq was later acquired by Hewlett-Packard.)

  • NonStop Software Solutions Design Guide Provides a wide-range of technical and conceptual information about developing applications for Tandem NonStop clusters of Windows NT Servers. Includes overviews of clustering technology; multi-tier applications; transaction processing; Web-oriented transaction processing; and related development technologies, including Java, ActiveX (COM/DCOM), and CORBA/IIOP.
  • ODBC Tutorial A walk-through of sample code (C programming language with ODBC functions) that interact with a SQL-92 compliant database.
  • A series of FAQs to accompany the NonStop Software SDK.

Technical and Developmental Editing

Encompassed setting up lab environment to test all query and code listings; reorganizing and significantly editing content at the sentence and paragraph level, as well as overall structure of article, from introdution to conclusion. Added screenshots, technical illustrations, and conceptual renderings to facilitate reader understanding.

Network and Server Administration

Oracle Internet File System

Vitria WAP Connector

Securant Technologies

Securant ClearTrust was an SSO solution for web access that apparently still exists as a core component of EMC’s RSA Access Manager. (Securant was acquired by RSA Security in August 2001; RSA was then acquired by EMC.) Three-month project for Securant in 2000 involved porting all documentation to a new templates and doing some testing.

Pacific Bell

PG&E LAN/WAN Support Center

In the early 1990s, PG&E was running a Banyan VINES network (a now-defunct distributed Unix-based wide-arean networking system, with pre-LDAP directory access protocol called StreetTalk). Trained as a system admin on Banyan VINES. In addition to writing a 400-page LAN Cookbook for installing, configuring, and managing the Banyan VINES environment at PG&E, wrote needs-based tutorials and technical notes that emerged by working one shift per week in the LAN/WAN support center. Examples:

Bylined Technical and Feature Articles

Oracle magazine

Hard-copy or scanned PDFs available upon request (Oracle removes content from its website after two years).

  • Oracle Database 10g Just Got Better [Overview of Oracle Database 10g Release 2]
  • Picturing Program Design [Overview of UML 2.0]
  • Southwest’s Strategy for Success: Consolidate!
  • Scoring with Web Services
  • The Many Faces of XML
  • Bring the Right JAX to Play [JAX-B API]
  • Expect More Service [Overview of Services-oriented Architectures (SOA)
  • The Expanding Role of Location [Oracle Spatial]
  • Oracle Database 10g: The World’s First Self-Managing, Grid-Ready Database Arrives
  • Find meaning Oracle9i  Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Linux: Four Steps for a Seamless Oracle Install
  • Introduction to Java 2
  • Introduction to LDAP and Directory Services
  • Introduction to XML
  • Building Web Sites with Oracle WebDB
  • Guerilla PL/SQL Development with WebDB
  • Next-Generation Web
  • RFP: Building the Ideal Intranet
  • Building Web Sites with Oracle WebDB
  • Guerilla PL/SQL Development with WebDB
  • Zero Downtime: User Fantasy Becomes Reality (Computerworld Sept, 1998)
  • Next-Generation Web
  • RFP: Building the Ideal Intranet
  • Safety Net: Security in a Distributed World
  • From the Desktop to the Data Center: Working in Concert
  • Data Warehouse: Architecture for the Information Age

MacUser Magazine

  • Soup Up Your Server
  • Easier Ethernet
  • Breaking the Speed Limit (RAID 0 Lab report)
  • Smart Money Mac
  • Power Macs: The Sequel
  • netOctopus review
  • Turbocharging Your Network
  • TCP/Connect II review
  • Roll Your Own Internet Server
  • Cruising the World-wide Web with Mosaic (draft chapters) (Sybex Computer Books Jan 1995)
  • Beyond File Service
  • Neon Software LANSurveyor
  • Ethernet for PowerBooks
  • Devising Local Strategies
  • Supercharging the SCSI Bus: SCSI-2 Cards
  • Tapping into the Global Network: E-mail Gateways
  • When Worlds Collide: Macs Versus Unix Workstations
  • Instant Ethernet: 10BASE-T
  • Overnight Success: Network Backup
  • Painting Programs: The Fine Art of 32-Bit Color
  • Picture-Perfect Portraits: Full-Page Displays
  • Do-it-Yourself Screen Tests
  • Best-buy Bargain Word Processors
  • Affordable Laser-Quality QuickDraw Printers

Industry Strategic Position Papers

Network Applications Consortium