Writing Samples

Alameda Tech Lab was originally incorporated in the state of California (2000), and has been operating as a sole proprietorship since 2002. Clients included Vitria, Oracle, and NAC. In addition to projects completed as a contractor or freelancer, writing samples on this page include those completed while on staff (Cloudera, VMware, Oracle).

Developer Guides


Significantly improved the documentation for Cloudera Navigator, specifically adding how-to information for the APIs hosted on the service. For example, Cloudera Navigator APIs section.


Google Enterprise Mobility Management APIs

Google Play EMM API


VMware vSphere Web Services SDK.     Complete rewrite and reorganization of the VMware Programming Guide, making noticeable improvement to a much-maligned SDK information set. Conceptualized and wrote the Developer’s Setup Guide, designed to help developers start working with Java or C# samples in the SDK in less than an hour. Improvements to the Programming Guide included adding UML diagrams and better integrating sample code.

VMware vSphere Storage Monitoring Service (SMS) API and SDK.     Created documentation set, including all web pages, UML diagrams, samples documentation, and supplemental pages for an experimental SDK.

VI Perl Toolkit Release 1.0 Documentation. Created docset for the initial release of the VMware Infrastructure Perl Toolkit: designed pages, created CSS and HEML, and wrote all content.


BusinessWare Connector Programming Guide

Securant Technologies

ClearTrust Developer’s Guide

Tandem (now Hewlett-Packard)
NonStop Software SDK.     A joint Microsoft-Tandem project to develop clusters on Windows NT. The NonStop Software SDK was aimed at developers who would be creating clustered applications on Microsoft clusters. The NonStop Software Solutions Design Guide was a core component of the NonStop Software SDK and included:

  • NonStop Software Solutions Design Guide.  Overview of clustering technology, multi-tier applications, transaction processing, and web-based transactions. Guidance on using Java, ActiveX (COM/DCOM), and CORBA/IIOP for developing applications to run on clusters.
  • ODBC Tutorial A walk-through of sample code (C programming language with ODBC functions) that interact with a SQL-92 compliant database.
  • A series of FAQs to accompany the NonStop Software SDK.

Sysadmin & Security


Security on AWS: Best Practices. Guidance for customers deploying clusters to the cloud using Cloudera Altus.

Cloudera Enterprise Manager. Wrote BDR Tutorials for Cloudera Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery, a new feature of the Cloudera Enterprise 5.9 release:

Cloudera Security documentation improvements, specifically, added Security How-To Guides section with task-oriented content, such as:


Oracle Internet File System  Installation and Configuration Guide


WAP Documentation (WAP was a wireless access protocol from 2000): WAP Connector Configuration Guide | Installation Guide | Release Notes

Securant Technologies

Securant ClearTrust was the first SSO solution for web access. Acquired by RSA Security in 2001, it was then acquired by EMC and re-branded as RSA Access Manager. EOL 2019. Three-month project for Securant in 2000 involved porting all documentation to new templates and helping to test the product.

Pacific Bell
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

LAN/WAN Support Center.     Banyan VINES network environment. Trained and certified VINES system administrator by PG&E (1992). Wrote a ~400-page LAN Cookbook for installing, configuring, and managing the Banyan VINES environment at PG&E. Wrote ad hoc needs-based tutorials and tech tips prompted by questions from PG&E sysadmins during weekly shift in the support center. Examples:

Technical Editing

Tested all query and code listings using the target platform and worked with author to fix text as needed. Restructured and revised the text as needed. Added screenshots, figures, and conceptual illustrations to supplement the article.

Tech Articles

Oracle magazine

Hard-copy or scanned PDFs available upon request. Oracle removes content from its website every few years.



MacUser Magazine


White Papers

Position papers written while serving as publications director for the Network Applications Consortium (~1992-1996). The consortium was instrumental in steering the broader industry to LDAP for directory services and highlighting the need for secure distributed computing.

Last updated 6 June 2020