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Coding Samples

Coding projects for coursework and self-study since 2004(ish).


Console applications
  • StudentRecords processes Student records stored in a simple textfile [student.dat]. StudentRecords adds new student records to the student.dat file in the format lastName:firstName:studentID:gpa. Clicking Display All Student Records opens student.dat; counts total records; creates an array array the appropriate size; populates the array with Student object instances; and then sorts results in alphabetical order (far right, below).
    StudentRecords application--Adding a new student record    StudentRecords after clicking Add button    StudentRecords after clicking Display All
  • ScreenSaver draws 100 randomly filled shapes (lines, triangles, spheres). Uses Java 2D with MyShape interface plus MyLine, MyTriangle, and MySphere.
  • Complex is an abstract data type. The ComplexTest.java driver application instantiates two Complex objects and then performs calculations using the two objects.
  • Morse Code generates Morse code from an input line of letters a-z and digits 0-9.
  • Pig Latin accepts a single word, phrase, or sentence as input and converts to “pig latin” using simplified rules.

Server-side Java and XML

Web Services
Legacy (2004) Java console applications



NLP (natural language processing) code samples

Web Programming

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), Google Map APIs, other libraries.

Last updated 1 August 2021