Lab projects

Needles in a haystack

Python version of my stretch exercise based on Google tech writing exercise.

Console application that models finding needles in a haystack. Needles are words entered by the user, and the haystack is a file containing plain unstuctured text. User can set the number of words to enter, from 1 to 5.

needles_haystack.find_needles(needles_found, haystack)[source]

Compares each word in the dictionary to each word in the haystack list. If the needle matches the word in haystack, increments its counter value.

  • needles_found – A dictionary comprising each needle and its count.

  • haystack – A list containing all ‘words’ from the text file.


A dictionary of all needles updated with actual counts.

Return type



Opens specified file, reads each line, and tokenizes into individual strings. Eliminates contractions, punctuation, parenthesis, and so on, and builds a list named ‘haystack’ of each word, in sequence.


filename – The path and name of the text file to use as haystack.


A list of each word (in order) in the text file.

Return type



Handles input for the program and invokes the functions to perform the search and prints the results.

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