Kelli Wiseth | CIS-112 | Simple Slideshow

Ten Random Flickr Photos Strung Together [With Absurd Narrative] as a Slideshow

This slideshow displays too fast on some machines, too slow on others. Once cached locally, the overall speed seems okay, but... To change the speed, open the file and change the value of the “delay” setting. Currently, it’s set to 3000. Gosh, I wonder if there’s a way to pass in the value of the “delay” setting to the javascript startGallery function, or overwrite it somehow? I’m sure there is, but probably won’t have time to figure that out today.


A Gloomy Day

As Fall Turns Into Winter

Time to Get Out of Town

Just Follow the Yellow-Asphalt Road

Or Take An Inviting Country Road

That Leads to the Sea

Should We Walk?

Need to Go Further Than Feet Can Carry Us

Ride a Bike?

We’d Like to Arrive Alive

Drive an Old Car?

Not a Comfortable Ride

Take a Train?

Afraid of Murder on the Orient Express


Suffers from the Boomerang Effect as Mode of Transportation

Drive a Van?

None of the Comforts of Home

Just Turn On All the Lights

An Effective Treatment for Seasonal-Affective Disorder